Dobble, Goffle, multi-dobble, Trebble

For the spirit of the game, the maths behind  and computing hidden :

below open : “Theory”  (it’s a .pdf)

To get  the sets  of playing cards for K4,  Goffle, Trebble and Quabble :

below clic (or biclic) on : “cartes-K4.tar.gz”

or on :


(and so on) and download theses archives

then :

for linux users : right-clic then uncompress (or un-tar)

for Windows users : use WinZip (or 7zip or such) to expand the directory

in these directory you will find files fort he card images  (four  samples below) ready-to-print

cartes K4.tar

cartes Goffle.tar  

cartes cube 3.tar

cartes Trebble.tar

cartes Quabble.tar


an example of a Quabble card
an eample of a Trebble card
Example of card for   Dobble or poly-Dobble
An example of a  Goffle card